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This beautiful deck consists of 45 cards (1 of those cards is instrustions).


The size is 74 x 105 mm with round corners. They are printed on 350gsm ArtBoard with Matt Celloglaze on both sides and come in a Tuck box.


I embarked on the journey of creating the Divine Guidance oracle deck driven by a profound desire to offer a tangible source of spiritual support, knowing that such a tool could empower individuals to trust their intuition and to tap into their inner wisdom and find clarity and guidance on their life journey. 


Choosing to create the Divine Guidance oracle deck without a guidebook was a deliberate decision to encourage users to cultivate a more personal and intuitive connection with the cards, allowing them to explore their own interpretations, forge a unique bond with the divine energies represented, and foster a deeper self-discovery process through direct engagement with the deck.


Each card's accompanied message serves as a helpful tool for users to unravel the card's meaning while still encouraging a personalized and intuitive approach to interpretation.


Divine Guidance Oracle Cards by Yulia Niaguseva

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