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Elevate your beauty routine with my Opalite Facial Massage Set, featuring a carefully crafted Opalite Gua Sha Stone and Facial Roller, both infused with the transformative energy of Reiki healing. Unveil the rejuvenating benefits of this exquisite set, designed to enhance your skincare rituals.


Opalite, also known as Tiffany Stone or Opalized Fluorite, may be manmade, but its healing properties are truly exceptional. Infused with a subtle yet dynamic energy, Opalite is an ideal companion for all types of healing and meditation practices.


The Opalite Gua Sha Stone and Facial Roller in this set are more than beauty tools; they are conduits of holistic well-being. The Gua Sha Stone, with its ancient roots, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, and stimulates circulation. Infused with Reiki healing energy, it adds a transformative touch to your facial massage, enhancing the benefits for both body and soul.


The Opalite properties extend beyond its captivating appearance. Physically, Opalite is believed to aid in overcoming exhaustion, purifying the blood, and supporting kidney health. It is also said to boost libido and enhance intimate encounters, making it a luxurious addition to your self-care routine.


Mentally and emotionally, Opalite improves communication on all levels, assists in accepting change, and provides strength during transitions. It supports effective communication, empowering self-expression, and uncovering hidden emotions. Opalite's energies are known to bring success in business ventures, aligning your intentions with positive outcomes.


Spiritually, Opalite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing communication with the spirit world. It erases energy blockages in chakras and meridians, boosting psychic abilities, stimulating visions, and aiding in the interpretation and communication of psychic insights.


Transform your skincare routine into a sacred self-care ritual with the Opalite Facial Massage Set. Immerse yourself in the harmonizing energies of Opalite, Reiki healing, and the ancient practices of gua sha and facial rolling for a radiant and revitalized complexion.  Embrace the beauty of holistic well-being with each use.


*Every natural stone and crystal possesses distinct characteristics, making them unique and potentially differing significantly from the depicted photograph(s). Variances in color may arise due to screen resolutions or the operating system in use. Minerals and polished items may exhibit inherent imperfections such as crevices, cracks, cavities, shadows, inclusions, and so forth.

Opalite Facial Massage Set

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