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Presenting my unique Blue Quartz Crystal Tumble Bracelet - a stunning fusion of natural elegance, Reiki-infused healing energy, and a mindful intention. Each bracelet stands as a distinctive embodiment of Blue Quartz, showcasing individual variations that enhance its captivating charm.


Imbued with the transformative essence of Reiki healing energy, this bracelet carries an intentional affirmation: "I embrace spiritual connection and repel negativity." Blue Quartz, revered for its potential in facilitating spiritual communication with guides and angels, radiates a calming energy that instills peace and tranquility in any setting.


With all the inherent properties of Quartz, complemented by the serene blue hue, Blue Quartz becomes a versatile crystal. It not only alleviates fear, fosters creativity, and balances the throat chakra for enhanced communication, but it also uplifts spirits, dispelling depression while restoring hope, happiness, and peace.


On a physical level, Blue Quartz proves beneficial for upper-body organs, aiding the throat, parathyroid glands, and blood cleansing. It fortifies the immune system, stimulates the thyroid and thymus, and offers relief from digestive issues and nausea. Renowned for its cleansing capabilities, Blue Quartz is particularly supportive for conditions like chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries, and intestinal problems.


Mentally and emotionally, this bracelet promotes clarity of thought, aids concentration, and facilitates clear thinking. Excelling in emotional healing, it provides a calming influence and mitigates anger.


Spiritually, Blue Quartz becomes a potent ally for psychic healing, aligning chakras, subtle bodies, and fostering meditation and spiritual connection. Serving as an energetic shield, it absorbs diverse negative energies, including radiation and electromagnetic smog.


With a focus on the Throat Chakra, my Blue Quartz Crystal Tumble Bracelet invites you to embrace its transformative energies, elevating your overall well-being and spiritual connectivity while safeguarding against negativity.

Blue Quartz Crystal Tumble Bracelet

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