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60 min Massage

Book your massage and pay the cost over two weeks.

  • En Forme Wellness VIP Content

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    Access to exclusive members-only content
    • Guided Meditations
    • ASMR for Relaxation & Sleep
    • Mindfulness Exercises and Prompts
    • Positive Psychology Insights and Exercises
    • Online courses to transform all areas of your life
    • Q&A sessions for Personalised Guidance and Support
    • Gain Insight into my Personal Journey and Experiences
    • Discounts on Massage Therapy, Reiki Sessions and Coaching
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    • Unlimited Guided Meditations
    • Deep Relaxation Soundscapes with Nature Sounds
    • Sleep Aid Tracks
    • Body Scan Meditations
    • Positive Affirmation Tracks
    • Sound Healing Sessions
    • ASMR Audio for Relaxation & Sleep
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